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I am in the process of compiling my ‘Top 10 Mother’s Day gift list. Not all things can be purchased. The best ones are free. A few however need to be ordered by May 2nd in order to arrive by Mother’s Day.

For those who have been eying a few make up pieces and dream of a clean ‘grown up’ cosmetic bag – this gift is for you. It is a ‘Limited Edition’ set which usually means there is not a ton of stock and it will likely sell out. 


It includes: 

-Rose Lip Sheer, 

– #2 Hydrating Mist (think toner)

– Tullip Bloom Blush

– Cute and Clean cosmetic bag

🇨🇦$123 (retail $169)

🇺🇸 $98 (retail $135)

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You Don’t Need To Look Tired

This whole parenting thing is tough. We are so tired we come to expect the realized that we need to look tired. But we don’t.

These are a few of my favourites to add a little extra pep in my step! All can be worn with a white tee-shirt and your favourite denim.

Tired Mom Essentials





Pleated Skirts and Espadrilles

Accessories are all by Stella & Dot

Cosmetics are all by Beautycounter

Outfit – J. Crew

It does feel great to get out of leggings!



Trending Tuesday

What’s trending in my house this week? Check it out –

  1. Alo Leggings that actually fit. Life is too short to were old yoga pants that don’t embrace your mom body. If you try on an old pair of leggings and they feel like they sit too low on your waist – they probably do. Give them away and check out ALO!

2. Piggy Paint – When your Two Year Old demands to have her nails painted. Piggy Paint comes in super cute colours, is odourless and non toxic #switchtosafer

3. I love to explore San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area with my Entourage. Sometimes we pick our morning adventures over Cheerios and Raisen toast by flipping through this book.

4. When you are invited to a Gala – you must find a new frock! This time I’m turning to Rent The Runway to find one! I am thinking ruffles, off the shoulder and a pop of colour. These are a few of my favourites!

5. Refresh your meals with this book – it’s a staple in most Toronto homes. I often bbq chicken breasts and keep them on hand for adding a bit of protein to some of the bowls. My favourite is the Buddha Bowl.

6. Be bold. Wear more ballet flag, lace up shoes like these. A pop of colour in your shoes or hand bag will jazz up your favourite denim / white shirt style.

7. I am obsessed with Silicon Valley Start – Ups. I love wandering the Google Campus and love reading about what makes Google culture so unique. Read about it in their new book.

8. It’s almost summer!! Switch up a few of your cosmetics / beauty products and give Beautycounter a go! Send me a message if you aren’t sure what you should try!

What’s trending in your house?



Summertime Style Classics

As seasonal styles come and go, there is always something comforting about the classic staple pieces that can stick around your closet for a long time without showing signs of age.

Given I’m a West Coast girl at heart, my summer staples include nautical white and navy stripes, a pair of denim shorts and metallic Birkenstocks.

I try to keep summer accessory / beauty staples to a minimum. These are a few of my favourites that I love wearing on a regular basis. You can hop over to my Beautycounter and Stella & Dot sites to check out my favourites!

Beautycounter Favourites:

Stella & Dot Favourites:

What are a few of your summer staples?



Green Is The New Black!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Living the ‘California Dream’ isn’t just about palm trees and sunshine. Silicon Valley Californians LOVE to talk about how they are lessening their carbon footprint. 
We eat local, buy local, shop local, drive Tesla’s (I’m holding out on the Tesla X 8 seater!!), and love to keep our green vegetables on rotation – avocado, kale of all varieties, and chard. We Vitamix the vegetables you probably wouldn’t think to vitamix – like romain lettuce and know all the juicing trucks that use the ‘door dash’ delivery service via bicycles. We do all this to make us feel bit more socially responsible and hope that our Carbon Footprint struts a little bit lighter. 
And now the elephant in the room – 
Beautycounter line is not ‘cheap’ and here is why:
💚 Our cosmetic packages are paper based and the entire compact can be recyclable (just pop out the mirror).

💚 The paper cartons are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which is a fancy way of enforcing the materials are sourced in a socially responsible way.

💚 Glass, paper and safer plastic materials are used when possible. No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or BPA (Bisphenol A) are used in any of the materials.

💚Beautycounter donates to Foundation by planting trees to offset CO2 emissions created from corporate events.

I feel better already…

Happy Earth Day!



Why ‘Fragrance’ is a Naughty Word!

 I’ve had a few questions come my way this week about different products lines – I love it. There is no escaping consumerism. We can play a pivotal role in driving the #betterbeauty industry forward so that businesses are held accountable for the ingredients they are using in our beauty products. Remember back in the day when you could smoke in restaurants, carseats were not a ‘thing’, and the old ‘captain click’ buckle up your seatbelt movement? It took time, education, and people having conversations about how we can live in healthier and safer environments to completely transform our behaviours.

 I am an early adopter at heart and I LOVE that Beautycounter is steps ahead of the industry. For those who have the best intentions of cleaning up your cosmetic bag / beauty products but get ‘information overload’ and don’t really know where to start – pay attention to one ingredient – FRAGRANCE. 

It’s quite naughty and goes by multiple nicknames. It’s considered a ‘trade secret’ in the beauty industry so companies are able to get around disclosing the ingredients that are actually included in the ‘cocktail’. You can purchase products that have done a fantastic job eliminating common ‘dirty ingredients’ such as SLS, Parabens, and Phalates, though they often still list ‘Fragrance’. Most often this is where they can add back most of those dirty ingredients and no one ever knows. The products that are listed as ‘Fragrance Free’ or actually list the ingredients in the ‘fragrance’ (most often its essential oils) are the products you should check out. If they have cut out fragrance, chances are they are a great option and much cleaner than their competitors. 

It’s not a perfect word and the beauty industry is a BIG BUSINESS. Do you research, start reading your product labels and start putting your friend ‘google’ to work. Find out more about the companies you are purchasing from. Use the tool to cross check how your existing products stack up.

If you are going to be a consumer, at least be an informed one.

I’ve attached a few articles from that fab Canadian David Suzuki and a report from Health Canada. Yes – it is from 2013. Don’t worry – NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Today I am inspired by neutrals and animal print.