Style in Muskoka

Good morning Muskoka!
I escaped all things moving, boxes, and unpacking so I could spend the weekend with my husband in celebration of surviving 6 years of marriage. 

Yes. I said surviving. 

🕰 6 years, 3 children, 1 giant dog, 1 move to Vancouver, 1 move to San Francisco, 2 moves back to Toronto, 2 surgical fellowships, and one flourishing entrepreneur – ‘ish’ adventure. To say the last 4 years have been a challenge for our family would be an understatement. We are a ‘work in progress’ kind of couple, constantly trying to navigate the challenges of maintaining our individual identities, growing our careers and providing an unconditional loving environment for our very young children to grow and thrive. I am resilient, I am hopeful, I am strong, I am learning and I am exhausted. I know that underneath all the chaos, there is still a whole lot of love. That is what we fight for and that is why we are making time time to reconnect.

So what made my Muskoka packing list? 

👠A few fab tops from Stella & Dot’s new line ‘Maette’. I am giving you a few sneak peaks of my favourites so far (unfortunately the Bianca Knit Tee is already SOLD OUT). 

Bianca Knit Tee /
Willow Cut Out Tee – $49

💄Ocean & Pacific Palette ($75 🇨🇦) from Beautycounter! This Palette is by far my favourite out of all the palettes. It is perfect for all the ‘non eyeshadow’ people as the Blush / Highlighter / Bronzer shades alone are an incredible value in the set alone. I rarely wear eyeshadow, but have been loving the teal /neutral shades. They are really pretty, incredibly subtle and will make you fill a bit more like J. Low with that ‘dewy glow’ she rocks. 

Ocean & Pacific Palette $75 CDN

😍Dangly Earrings!! I’m living big this year and have added a few fab dangly earrings to my Jewelry box. This is totally not my normal style, but sometimes we need to take our own advice – live on the edge. I have a few fab pairs I look forward to wearing out to a few special places. 

Fringe Tassel Earrings

💥 Don’t forget jewelry = memories.

Shop the look from Stella & Dot

✔️Bianca Knit $59

✔️Alay Statement $119

✔️Halo Earrings (gold) $44

✔️Engravable Cuff $89

✔️Willow Cut Out T – $49

✔️Fringe Tassel Earrings Mixed Metal

✔️Ulani Pendant $69

Clean Beauty Favourites: 

✔️Beautycounter Ocean & Pacific Palette $75
❤️ For those thinking of Fall style already, check it the sneak peak at Rachel Zoe’s style box – I am in dire need of a new laptop so of course the navy clutch caught my eye. I am thinking Rose gold for the ring selection to pair up with my Engravable Bracelets from Stella & Dot 👌🏻

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!



Birthday Style

Thank you all for the lovely birthday messages. I always do a bit of self reflection on my birthday, even more so since I have become a mother. Our days are often so busy as we continuously look after everyone else. Another year passes us by and we are once again calling a new city home. 
Good morning Toronto.

This blog has evolved over the past 2 years and so have many of you. You know who you are. You are the educated consumer. You are the one who might have added a pleated skirt to your life. You might have bought your first ethical diamond initial necklace. You might have started wearing bit of make up. You might pay more attention to the ingredients in your cosmetics. You might read labels more closely and recognize the words ‘Paraben’ and ‘Fragrance’. You might have dug out a few of your favourite accessories and worn them to the playground. You might have taken an extra 10 minutes for yourself before bed for the love of a good charcoal mask. You might be as excited as I am that ‘belt bags’ (aka fanny packs) are back. You might just add one to your closet. You might be a little bit more bold and confident when you are getting dressed in the morning and planning for your day ahead. You might have become a better version of yourself.

I have learned to share my City Mom adventures through accessories and style. I remember outfits like I remember moments in time. It’s never just about buying clothes. It’s about this: Where are we going to be wearing them? Who are we spending that moment with? How can we hold on to those moments just a little bit longer? This and only this is why we have such a hard time cleansing our closets and passing along old clothes. We always remember our outfits. Where we wore them, how we felt, who we were with. We aren’t ready yet to let these moments and memories go as we fear we might forget them.

On the evening of my 36th birthday, I dug out a super cute and incredibly simple white eyelet dress from Joe Fresh and paired it with the most expensive necklace Stella & Dot has ever made (in my opinion) – The Florence Statement Necklace and a simple pair of gold earrings (Halo Earings by Stella & Dot).

 I had a lovely birthday BBQ with my family that my husband had planned. He knows how much I love real Sangria and Paella (my sister and I spent a few months in Spain back in 2001) and whipped up an incredible meal.

 The day was spent at one of my favourite spots on Vancouver Island – Neck Point Beach and I rocked my new ‘belt bag‘ along with a few other Birthday Girl essentials. It was perfect. In a simple chic kind of way.

A few of my favourites from Beautycounter:

👌🏻Dhalia Lip Gloss

👌🏻Pearl Champage Eye Shadow (FREE GIFT for new band of beauty accounts this month!)

👌🏻Tint skin / Concealer Click Pen Trio

👌🏻Flamingo Blush

👌🏻Glow Shimmer Oil


👌🏻Sugar body scrub 

I think this year is off to a great start and I am ready to call Toronto ‘home’ once again.



You guys! Life is rough sometimes. Thankfully these days pass and the little things in our day that make us smile move us forward. I had a great time updating my ‘3 minute’ face this week with my trusty toddler. Be sure to check out how the real pros do it: 

These are a few things that are making me smile this week:

✔️My adorable morning makeup assistant 

✔️Concealer Click Pen (disguise sleepless nights)

✔️Glow Shimmer Oil (Because it’s totally not necessary, but leaves your skin looking fantastic)

✔Formaldehyde Free Mascara (Clean beauty rocks)

✔️ Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer: (Our skin is always changing)

✔️Silver jewels 

✔️Watching these videos with my adorable Makeup assistant 

✔️Free Gift with purchase from Beautycounter! 

❤️Share the love! Are you loving your latest purchase from Beautycounter / Stella & Dot? Pass my contact on to your nearest and dearest! I always gift new clients a free product upon ordering and will send you one as well!

❤️Book a one on one clean beauty / style session with moi. You all know I rock the ‘busy mom / minimalist / simple / chic / Haute Mess / look very well 👌🏻

Cute black dress from



Wee Urban!

Babies are so lovely when they sleep. Even more so when you find the most adorable printed and proudly Canadian sleep sack thanks to a total Boss Mom at Wee Urban.

I had the pleasure of meeting Holly when she first started selling what has become my favourite ‘grobag’ at the One Of A Kind show in Toronto back in 2012. I was pregnant with my first child and obviously was in the market to purchase all things baby. I purchased 2 of her bags and both have been passed down to my daughters. I love that my children haven’t been able to sneak out of these bags. The snaps aren’t located on the shoulders (like most grow bags) which makes the bag stronger than the average Toddler. You can easily do a diaper change through the bottom zipper. I love the simple prints and gender neutral colours. This particular print has been on repeat for a few years in our house.

I was out and about in Nanaimo yesterday when I came across a new pattern from Wee Urban – black and white phrases about dreams. LOVE! I haven’t been able to track down more of this brilliant print online, but I will do some digging around to see what else I can find out. These are great gifts for new moms! They don’t know how great these little bags are for the child that constantly kicks off their blankets!

A bit about Wee Urban – they are designed in Toronto and are crafted abroad. They are a huge supporter of one of my favourite charities – Kiva and look after all of their workers / partners by ensuring production is ISO regulated, fair trade certified and comply with regional safe working practices and safety standards. Boom. Businesses doing better. I love it. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @weeurban

✔️ Shop my accessories here:


  • Petal Lip Sheer 
  • Hibiscus Creme Blush
  • Concealer Click Pen

Stella & Dot

  • Tierny Layering Necklace 
  • Halo Earrings


  • Hairwrap



When you need to break the lazy summer days uniform…

I’ll be the first to admit my style changes come summertime. Simple tanks, Birkenstocks, and distressed denim seem to be on repeat in my world. I’m spending the summer on Vancouver Island and it just screams laid back, west coast lounge wear. 

Today I dug out a classic Kit and Ace cashmere (extremely washable) dress from a few years ago. I linked a similar style currently ON SALE that is one of my favourite staples. Throw on a few new rose gold bracelets and a pretty spectacular blush toned jewelled necklace with a bit of gold fringe and this Momma is off to explore. I love the look of the Analina Pendent necklace. It’s has that boho glam look and works well with my neutral clothing palette – white, grey and black. 

Shop the look:

I keep my make up routine incredibly simple in the summer months and have been loving a few favourites from Beautycounter. The Caramel Creme Blush gives a hint of warmth and glow to my cheeks and is perfect for travelling. The concealer click pen is my secret weapon given my youngest daughter is still waking up frequently during the night. 

Shop my Beautycounter Favourites:

  • Caramel Creme Blusher $49
  • Peach Bronze Eye Shadow $44
  • Concealer Click Pen $44

I enjoyed my coffee this morning while checking my favourite Canadian shops on Instagram and was delighted to see these cute earrings from Courtney, B.C. I can’t wait to order a pair! Be sure to give and @makoacreative a follow on Instagram. These super fun earrings will be in my shopping cart very Sooners can be ordered directly from Thrive Lifestyle.

And of course for my youngest ‘mini-me’, Minimoc just launched a new pair of Mocs – Posy. I love the Blush shades and cute little flowers that represent each of the provinces and territories. They will be available on the site on Thursday, July 27 at 10 am PDT. You can shop them here.



Beach Day Accesories

I have become a bit obsessed with a few local Canadian designers since I left San Francisco this past spring. One that particularly stole my heart is this hidden little gem in Victoria, B.C. – Oxford. While trying on a few fabulous dresses, I talked all things online shopping, shopping portals, and the role of social media with the store owner – Dave. It was brilliant and quite clear that he has an incredible vision of how simple and practical dresses can be designed beautifully for us busy minimalists.

I will have to devote an entire blog post to their  lines of dresses very soon – especially the few that now live in my closet. For all of you breastfeeding moms out there looking for a post partum outfit – finally a cute dress with buttons!!! Think Fall. Think long sleeve. Think buttons. Think the perfect ‘Oxford Shirt’ dress in the most beautiful Japanese cotton. Designed and crafted in Victoria, B.C. – this store is my new absolute favourite. Check out the summer tank style below.

Let’s talk handbags – this one in particular. Buttery soft pebbles leather – I would send you think link to shop online but the owner Dave – is too busy designing these bad girls, he hasn’t had a chance to get his site lauches. Tisk, tisk. 

If you are in Victoria, stop by the shop (589 Lower Johnson St.) and try a few things on. Tell the owner Dave that I sent you 👌🏻and tag me in your next favourite Oxford dress on Instagram @citymommastyle.

What’s my beach style on a chilly west coast day? 

✔️ 3 children, cute shoes, top knot, and my new favourite handbag.

Oh and a few sparkles…

Cosmetics by Beautycounter:

Jewels by Stella & Dot:

✔️ Prices listed in 🇨🇦



Toddlers Who Brunch

You guys! Whose adorable kids are these right here and what delicious foods are they eating for brunch??

While visiting a very dear friend of mine in Victoria, B.C., I had the pleasure of sampling some tasty wine and brunch treats with her better half who happens to manage one of the most popular pubs – Bard and Banker. He might also be my favourite sommelier who always seems to pick out the perfect bottle of wine for us when we are due for a visit to catch up on life. (See previous night below).

What accessories made my brunch date? Just a few hot little numbers from Stella and Dot’s Fall Collection that just launched this week. 

Shop this look:

Druzy Studs $34

Alay Statement Necklace $139

Open Druzy Cuff $54

I love the earthy shades in the Alay necklace and the feel of the wooden beads. I am thinking this will be a very easy piece to wear with shades of brown, army green and of course my classics (black, white and grey). The side coils are bound in black leather – it gives the piece a bit of confidence. The Druzy set is just really dainty. The intricate semi – precious quartz stone gives a bit of colour and is a perfectly sized stud.

I can’t seem to get enough of these two shades from Beautycounter – Carmel Creme Blusher and Fig Lip Gloss. They add a bit of warmth and colour to a chilly summer west coast day!

And we are ready to shop!

How do you distract your children while shopping?