City Momma Style and the City

There aren’t many television series where I have gone back and watched episodes. Repeatedly. 
I love everything about the characters in Sex and the City. I love how they were able to capture so many awkward complexities in life and find ways to work through them. Relationships are work, life isn’t fair, sometimes the shoe doesn’t fit and your heart gets broken. If you are living your days right, you will never be alone. You always have people in your corner who you can lean on for advice, support, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to order the next round of cocktails.

Carrie Bradshaw continues to remind me how important it is to maintain friendships with people who are important to you. In real life, I admire her confidence in style, beauty, and motherhood. She joked about her height, burning supper and trying really hard to be present when she is at home with her kids. 
These are my favourite adventures. The ones that could go downhill really fast. They are risky, often full of tantrums, but you get better at handling them. You learn to become more resilient. I have come to realize it doesn’t matter what activity I am doing with my kids for them to feel important. They just want to spend time with me. These are my days too and I will always smile when I think back to that morning we waited in line for hours to meet SJP. 

👀For those curious – 
SJP was quite interested in why people choose the shoes they choose. I picked out a sparkly pair of leopard pumps that I felt could easily be work with my favourite denim and a button up top (half tucked👌🏻). Practical – but a complete indulgence.

“These are your days.” 
💡Mom Adventure Tip:

This event was a complete gong show – exactly how you could imagine waiting in line with a 2 year old and a 1 year old could go. People are patient. Dress like you are going somewhere more important after.


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind weekend here in Toronto. I have been a bit sentimental about my youngest daughter celebrating her first birthday. The year has gone by so quick and our family has gone through so many changes and challenges. The days are long and the weeks are short. I run on caffeine and adrenaline half the time and secretly pray the pile of laundry folds itself. I know everyone shares their new mom advice that usually sounds something like ‘don’t be afraid to just ‘ask for help’. 

This is much easier said than done. We are educated, professional women trying to navigate through the chaos and often ridiculous demands of these little people we just love so hard. We loose ourself in the process and often feel so lost we have no idea how to get back on track.
💡Remind me to mention my new pals FRANNIE + LILO
👠I use clothing and accessories to remind me of special moments. Moments I likely would have forgotten because I am often far to distracted managing the rest of my life. This is why I love piecing together outfits for clients and friends and also why I feel everyone should have at least 1 Statement Necklace in their jewelry box. You are so worthy of wearing it!

👩🏼‍🏫 While spending MANY nights up with my little Penelope this past year, I really had a good chance to sit back and figure out what exactly I wanted to do when we returned back to Canada. 

🤓How could I continue to challenge the traditional direct sales retail model?

🤓How could I shift my business to include community partnerships?

🤓How could I continue to educate and inspire my clients to read up on the products they are using on their own skin and on their kiddos skin without sounding like a crazy person?

These are all the questions and truths that crossed my mind and I know have crossed many of yours when contemplating starting a business. Is it worth it? Can I do this? Do I want to do this? Why do I want to do this? How can I do this in a way that is meaniful to me? 

You know what is fascinating, these are the most common questions that most CEO’s have running through their heads. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Phil Knight, Sheryl Sandburg, and of course the Founder of Beautycounter – Gregg Renfrew. Apparently it’s a good thing. It means you are challenging yourself to do something different in a way that might flop…. or might fly…

💡I know I’ve had many people ask questions about Beautycounter and my own personal business so I thought this would a great time to encourage all of you to ASK ME ANYTHING about my adventure with City Momma Style, Beautycounter and Stella & Dot. 

I will be doing a draw for a FREE DEW SKIN TINTED MOISTURIZER to those throw a question up in the comments.

Love your days bold – pops of colour all around and fabulous Statement necklaces. 

Safer Beauty Saturday

And that’s a wrap! I’m feeling completely inspired after spending the day chatting with a few of the finest minds leading the movement for safer beauty in Canada and the United States. Thank you Beautycounter for sharing all things health advocacy, product development, and super chic swag! The process of change is slow, yet steady. It is fascinating to see how we are continuing to move the personal care product market in the right direction towards safer ingredients and full ingredient transparency. 

🐝Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall? 

🇨🇦Are you looking to take action in Canada?

☝🏻Visit the Environmental Defense site 

☝🏻Click “Kicking out toxic chemicals”




Moms Who Like Wine

❤️You know that feeling when you just find the right people you want to spend more time with? I think I found my crowd. Ironically at a Moms Wine Festival – thanks #momsto

Toronto Moms Wine Festival 2017

🥂Motherhood. Flying by the seat of your pleather skirt. Some days we are put together, other days we are the best haute mess on the block. Whether it’s your first child or your third child – it doesn’t get easier. You just get a lot more wiser. You are resilient. You are strong. You are so very tired. You are looking for more people like to rule the block with. Find your people. They are out there waiting for you. If you would like to indulge in a glass of wine – do so without guilt.

I am relying more and more on a few of my favourite Beautycounter goods for those day adventures where you just want to look (and feel) a bit more polished.

Shop my favourites here:

✔️Tint Skin Foundation (sand)

✔️Concealer Click Pen (light)

✔️Brow Pencil (Med)

✔️Mascara (Volumizing)

✔️Blush (Tawny / Apricot)

✔️Lip Gloss (Dahlia)

My Beautycounter Favourites 👌🏻
Accessories all by Stella & Dot

💡You think you have it all figured out with your one kid. Then you have a second and it all changes. Then a third. That’s the greatest thing about motherhood and parenting. We will never actually have it all figured out. No one does. The sooner you realize this – the sooner you will be able to blow off your 11 month old’s afternoon nap and socialize with your new mom friends. 
😂To all the moms out there with young children – You are doing an incredible job. You don’t need to do anything more. Your house doesn’t need to be cleaner. Your dinner does not have to have all the food groups and your wine glass can be full – at 3pm. Give yourself the opportunity to get out in your community and walk your local streets. Smile at people. Say hello. You might just be surprised who crosses your path and continues to carry on with you


Lighten Up! Wear a Belt Bag!

From strolling the hot spots in San Francisco to scoping out the best place to pick honey crisp apples in Ontario – one thing is for sure: My stroller is always weighed down and my hands are always full.

Living in San Francisco (2015)

Ontario Apple Picking (2017)

Fortunately the ‘Belt Bag’ (formally reminisced as ‘the Fanny pack’) has resurfaced. Leave the Chanel Fanny packs to Kendall Jenner – and try on this sweet little one from Stella & Dot. 

Her name is the Bowery Belt Bag ($69) and she can be worn a few different ways including a cross body🤗.

💡She fits 1 diaper, 1 pull up, a small pack of wipes, car keys, 1 Lipsheer (currant) and 1 Lip gloss (Sienna), a few plastic card and some coins. 

Free up your hands so you can pick up that stroller when it falls over. Again. 

Add her to your adventure and while your add it – browse my favourite Fall lip shades from Beautycounter. Summer is (almost) OVER. Let it go and embrace the new season! 


Camoflage and Caffeine

It appears a few of you have been taking a little bit of time to catch up on some fall accessories via my Stella & Dot page. I would LOVE for you to share some pictures of your new jewels tops!!  

🌺For those still holding on hard to summer styles and trends – take a moment and think about camouflage. Do you have any camo pieces in your closet?

Ugh oh. #firstworldfashionproblems

What to do next?

☝🏻First – check out this fab post from my pal Jenna Lyons: 
💡Take a peak at a few ways you could add a bit of camo into your wardrobe with ease. It wears very well with stripes, grey, black, and my new favourite brown shade – oatmeal.

💡Play it casual at the playground with silver, fringe, pink gold and mixed metals. Pair it with your favourite FALL LIP COLOUR – Plum Lipsheer (Beautycounter)

🎸A few of my favourite Stella & Dot pieces to rock it with:
– Edni Wrap Bracelet $55

– Logan Layering Necklace $119

– Freya Fringe Necklace $128


🌿For those who have messaged about starting a new skin regime for fall – check out the Beautycounter Match Adaptive Moistuizer ($55 CDN) below. It will be back in stock later this week so be sure to get on my pre order list if you are wanting to give it a go.  

💪🏻I have been getting my butt kicked with my fellow workout pal. My morning workouts have left me withthose teeny tiny sweat zits that hang out around my hair line. I have been relying heavily on the black badass charcoal bar from Beautycounter. It feels old school using a bar of soap. Totally not glam but it does the job. I add in a little bit of the Rejuvenating Serum and top things off with the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer. Easy Peasy.


Go get your Wednesday. It’s waiting.


Outfitting That Style Savvy Toddler…

It should come to you as no surprise that one of my favourite pastimes is shopping. This little hobby took on a life of its own once I had children. Some of my most coveted memories of those early days of motherhood include wandering down Queen St. West in Toronto, West 4th Ave. in Vancouver, and Chestnut St. in San Francisco checking out some of my favourite stores that rock the ‘microfashion’ scene like no other.

And then something happened.

☝🏻My children have grown up and have now have opinions about their clothing choices.

☝🏻They are getting caught in the middle of mass media marketing from major clothing brands and are continuously drawn towards media characters.

Thankfully there are a few clothing companies out there who still provide us with classic, simple children’s fashion. What’s my top pick right now for my Micro Entourage ‘Back To School’ shopping that has reasonable prices,  great quality and ships to Canada?

💥  Zara 💥

Check out the winning combo for the most style savvy set of Toddlers below.

I wish you the best ‘add to cart’ kind of day!



🛒 Shop this look:

👌🏻 Little Miss

Basic Corduroy Pinafore Dress

Frilled Shirt

Mini Melissa Shoes

👌🏻 Little Mr.

Jogging Trousers with Pockets 

Button Neck Top

Style in Muskoka

Good morning Muskoka!
I escaped all things moving, boxes, and unpacking so I could spend the weekend with my husband in celebration of surviving 6 years of marriage. 

Yes. I said surviving. 

🕰 6 years, 3 children, 1 giant dog, 1 move to Vancouver, 1 move to San Francisco, 2 moves back to Toronto, 2 surgical fellowships, and one flourishing entrepreneur – ‘ish’ adventure. To say the last 4 years have been a challenge for our family would be an understatement. We are a ‘work in progress’ kind of couple, constantly trying to navigate the challenges of maintaining our individual identities, growing our careers and providing an unconditional loving environment for our very young children to grow and thrive. I am resilient, I am hopeful, I am strong, I am learning and I am exhausted. I know that underneath all the chaos, there is still a whole lot of love. That is what we fight for and that is why we are making time time to reconnect.

So what made my Muskoka packing list? 

👠A few fab tops from Stella & Dot’s new line ‘Maette’. I am giving you a few sneak peaks of my favourites so far (unfortunately the Bianca Knit Tee is already SOLD OUT). 

Bianca Knit Tee /
Willow Cut Out Tee – $49

💄Ocean & Pacific Palette ($75 🇨🇦) from Beautycounter! This Palette is by far my favourite out of all the palettes. It is perfect for all the ‘non eyeshadow’ people as the Blush / Highlighter / Bronzer shades alone are an incredible value in the set alone. I rarely wear eyeshadow, but have been loving the teal /neutral shades. They are really pretty, incredibly subtle and will make you fill a bit more like J. Low with that ‘dewy glow’ she rocks. 

Ocean & Pacific Palette $75 CDN

😍Dangly Earrings!! I’m living big this year and have added a few fab dangly earrings to my Jewelry box. This is totally not my normal style, but sometimes we need to take our own advice – live on the edge. I have a few fab pairs I look forward to wearing out to a few special places. 

Fringe Tassel Earrings

💥 Don’t forget jewelry = memories.

Shop the look from Stella & Dot

✔️Bianca Knit $59

✔️Alay Statement $119

✔️Halo Earrings (gold) $44

✔️Engravable Cuff $89

✔️Willow Cut Out T – $49

✔️Fringe Tassel Earrings Mixed Metal

✔️Ulani Pendant $69

Clean Beauty Favourites: 

✔️Beautycounter Ocean & Pacific Palette $75
❤️ For those thinking of Fall style already, check it the sneak peak at Rachel Zoe’s style box – I am in dire need of a new laptop so of course the navy clutch caught my eye. I am thinking Rose gold for the ring selection to pair up with my Engravable Bracelets from Stella & Dot 👌🏻

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!



Birthday Style

Thank you all for the lovely birthday messages. I always do a bit of self reflection on my birthday, even more so since I have become a mother. Our days are often so busy as we continuously look after everyone else. Another year passes us by and we are once again calling a new city home. 
Good morning Toronto.

This blog has evolved over the past 2 years and so have many of you. You know who you are. You are the educated consumer. You are the one who might have added a pleated skirt to your life. You might have bought your first ethical diamond initial necklace. You might have started wearing bit of make up. You might pay more attention to the ingredients in your cosmetics. You might read labels more closely and recognize the words ‘Paraben’ and ‘Fragrance’. You might have dug out a few of your favourite accessories and worn them to the playground. You might have taken an extra 10 minutes for yourself before bed for the love of a good charcoal mask. You might be as excited as I am that ‘belt bags’ (aka fanny packs) are back. You might just add one to your closet. You might be a little bit more bold and confident when you are getting dressed in the morning and planning for your day ahead. You might have become a better version of yourself.

I have learned to share my City Mom adventures through accessories and style. I remember outfits like I remember moments in time. It’s never just about buying clothes. It’s about this: Where are we going to be wearing them? Who are we spending that moment with? How can we hold on to those moments just a little bit longer? This and only this is why we have such a hard time cleansing our closets and passing along old clothes. We always remember our outfits. Where we wore them, how we felt, who we were with. We aren’t ready yet to let these moments and memories go as we fear we might forget them.

On the evening of my 36th birthday, I dug out a super cute and incredibly simple white eyelet dress from Joe Fresh and paired it with the most expensive necklace Stella & Dot has ever made (in my opinion) – The Florence Statement Necklace and a simple pair of gold earrings (Halo Earings by Stella & Dot).

 I had a lovely birthday BBQ with my family that my husband had planned. He knows how much I love real Sangria and Paella (my sister and I spent a few months in Spain back in 2001) and whipped up an incredible meal.

 The day was spent at one of my favourite spots on Vancouver Island – Neck Point Beach and I rocked my new ‘belt bag‘ along with a few other Birthday Girl essentials. It was perfect. In a simple chic kind of way.

A few of my favourites from Beautycounter:

👌🏻Dhalia Lip Gloss

👌🏻Pearl Champage Eye Shadow (FREE GIFT for new band of beauty accounts this month!)

👌🏻Tint skin / Concealer Click Pen Trio

👌🏻Flamingo Blush

👌🏻Glow Shimmer Oil


👌🏻Sugar body scrub 

I think this year is off to a great start and I am ready to call Toronto ‘home’ once again.