Golden Girls

Sometimes it’s really challenging living on the West Coast. We spend our summer days exploring beaches, building sand castles and swimming in salt water. We lather on sunscreen, wear our new hat and cruise around the city listening to our favourite summer tunes. At the end of the day, our skin and our hair become a complete mess. 

These are my tried and true summertime favourites that brighten up the end of my day and leave my skin feeling ready for the next round of adventures. 


Beautycounter just launched 3 new lines of hair care products that tackle our worst hair days. My fine, blonde locks have been soaking up all the goodness from the Volume and Shape series. The set includes a shampoo, conditioner and a volumizing mist to use on clean damp hair post shampooing. It pretty much rocks my flip flops.

👌🏻 It’s formulated without Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS), parabens, mineral oil or silicons.

Beautycounter Volume and Shape Shampoo and Conditioner (see below)

Volumizing Mist (see below)


My sunscreen and salt soaked skin loves the Brown Sugar Scrub if I manage to squeeze in an shower at the end of the day. I am obsessed with the lemongrass smell and so is my bathroom! I just scoop a tablespoon amount into my hands and rub all over my skin (including my heels).

Lately, I have been turning to the Glow Shimmer Oil on my cheek bones during the day. It saves me from packing along a bronzer brush and a compact when I am heading out on overnight adventures. It also is incredible on my arms and legs. It’s such a teeny hint of shimmer without out any greasy residu.  Think J. Lo. 

This is the amount I would use to highlight my cheekbones: 

This is the amount I would use on my arms: 

If I am wearing my hair up in a Top Knot, I always spritz a bit of the Sea Salt Texture Mist on my hair dry and twirl the strands. It gives it a bit of texture and makes it feel a bit thicker.

And up goes my hair in my favourite Invisibobble hair tie – no more elastics!!

… and off to the beach we go!

What are your favourite summer beauty ‘must haves’?



Lazy, Summer ‘Mom Must Haves’

The Summer months are not meant to be complicated. My summer style routine often reflects just that. Simple, easy, practical, with a teeny bit of that ‘chic minimalist’ vibe. These are a few of my favourite ‘Cleaner’ beauty products that I have recently discovered this year and have come to LOVE. 

1.Sea Salt Texture Mist by Beautycounter:

This has always been a staple in my Beautycounter lineup, though I recently have come to appreciate it much more now that it is summer time. You can check out the main ways the product is meant to be used by the hair professionals here. I love to use it on day old, dry hair as a texturizer. It gives my sun-kissed blond locks a bit of texture and grit and helps to hold on my new favourite dry shampoo. I spray it on my hair when it is dry and scrunch it a little but to create some ‘natural waves’. It usually gives me a bit more volume and texture. 

Why it’s safer: 

  • Infused with Himalayan pink salt, red algae extract, and clay
  • Made without any synthetic fragrances or PEGs—two ingredients commonly found in similar products

2. ‘Cleaner’ Dry Shampoo: 

I have experimented with so many variations of dry shampoo since having children. I would love to say I don’t wash my hair because the experts say it is supposed to make your hair healthier – but let’s be honest. 

I’m lazy. 

I discovered this one while chatting all things coffee, children and beauty with a fellow bestie and blogger, Brie Lunn. If you don’t follow her blog, you should right here. She has killer style and can whip up the baddest green smoothie bowl with home made granola in no time. She shared her love for this dry shampoo from Cake

It has extended the life of my beach hair without the cakeyness of normal powders. Shoppers Drug Mart just started carrying the line – so it is definitely worth keeping an eye open when you are redeeming all those Optimum points!

Why it’s safer: 

  • It is formulated without talc, parabens and sulfates, though it does include fragrance.

3. Sun Screen Stick by Beautycounter:

 The stick application is definitely a game changer in my books. My Toddlers can apply it to their arms with ease and I can fill in any of the gaps without havering to rub cream into their skin. It’s just so easy. 

Why it is safer: 

🇨🇦Canadian pals – send me a message if you want to get on my pre-order list for any of the SPF line that will be launching this month!

4. Caffeine 

Home brewed coffee in a travel mug that doesn’t leak is essential for everyone. This mug by Starbucks is one of my favourites. It really doesn’t leak and now comes in HOT PINK.

What are your favourite summer beauty ‘must haves’?