City Momma Style and the City

There aren’t many television series where I have gone back and watched episodes. Repeatedly. 
I love everything about the characters in Sex and the City. I love how they were able to capture so many awkward complexities in life and find ways to work through them. Relationships are work, life isn’t fair, sometimes the shoe doesn’t fit and your heart gets broken. If you are living your days right, you will never be alone. You always have people in your corner who you can lean on for advice, support, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to order the next round of cocktails.

Carrie Bradshaw continues to remind me how important it is to maintain friendships with people who are important to you. In real life, I admire her confidence in style, beauty, and motherhood. She joked about her height, burning supper and trying really hard to be present when she is at home with her kids. 
These are my favourite adventures. The ones that could go downhill really fast. They are risky, often full of tantrums, but you get better at handling them. You learn to become more resilient. I have come to realize it doesn’t matter what activity I am doing with my kids for them to feel important. They just want to spend time with me. These are my days too and I will always smile when I think back to that morning we waited in line for hours to meet SJP. 

👀For those curious – 
SJP was quite interested in why people choose the shoes they choose. I picked out a sparkly pair of leopard pumps that I felt could easily be work with my favourite denim and a button up top (half tucked👌🏻). Practical – but a complete indulgence.

“These are your days.” 
💡Mom Adventure Tip:

This event was a complete gong show – exactly how you could imagine waiting in line with a 2 year old and a 1 year old could go. People are patient. Dress like you are going somewhere more important after.



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