Lighten Up! Wear a Belt Bag!

From strolling the hot spots in San Francisco to scoping out the best place to pick honey crisp apples in Ontario – one thing is for sure: My stroller is always weighed down and my hands are always full.

Living in San Francisco (2015)

Ontario Apple Picking (2017)

Fortunately the ‘Belt Bag’ (formally reminisced as ‘the Fanny pack’) has resurfaced. Leave the Chanel Fanny packs to Kendall Jenner – and try on this sweet little one from Stella & Dot. 

Her name is the Bowery Belt Bag ($69) and she can be worn a few different ways including a cross body🤗.

💡She fits 1 diaper, 1 pull up, a small pack of wipes, car keys, 1 Lipsheer (currant) and 1 Lip gloss (Sienna), a few plastic card and some coins. 

Free up your hands so you can pick up that stroller when it falls over. Again. 

Add her to your adventure and while your add it – browse my favourite Fall lip shades from Beautycounter. Summer is (almost) OVER. Let it go and embrace the new season! 



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