Camoflage and Caffeine

It appears a few of you have been taking a little bit of time to catch up on some fall accessories via my Stella & Dot page. I would LOVE for you to share some pictures of your new jewels tops!!  

🌺For those still holding on hard to summer styles and trends – take a moment and think about camouflage. Do you have any camo pieces in your closet?

Ugh oh. #firstworldfashionproblems

What to do next?

☝🏻First – check out this fab post from my pal Jenna Lyons: 
💡Take a peak at a few ways you could add a bit of camo into your wardrobe with ease. It wears very well with stripes, grey, black, and my new favourite brown shade – oatmeal.

💡Play it casual at the playground with silver, fringe, pink gold and mixed metals. Pair it with your favourite FALL LIP COLOUR – Plum Lipsheer (Beautycounter)

🎸A few of my favourite Stella & Dot pieces to rock it with:
– Edni Wrap Bracelet $55

– Logan Layering Necklace $119

– Freya Fringe Necklace $128


🌿For those who have messaged about starting a new skin regime for fall – check out the Beautycounter Match Adaptive Moistuizer ($55 CDN) below. It will be back in stock later this week so be sure to get on my pre order list if you are wanting to give it a go.  

💪🏻I have been getting my butt kicked with my fellow workout pal. My morning workouts have left me withthose teeny tiny sweat zits that hang out around my hair line. I have been relying heavily on the black badass charcoal bar from Beautycounter. It feels old school using a bar of soap. Totally not glam but it does the job. I add in a little bit of the Rejuvenating Serum and top things off with the Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer. Easy Peasy.


Go get your Wednesday. It’s waiting.



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