Back to School

I love September. A fresh start, new routines, new friends, new snacks, new city adventures and NEW FALL OUTFITS!

💃I walked my little boy to his first day of Jr. Kindergarten and couldn’t help but feel proud. He was excited and eager to meet his teacher, make new friends and to use scissors.

❤️ Just when I started to feel a teeny bit sad – I looked down at my younger two daughters and couldn’t help but feel excited to have a bit more time with them. I know my daily shenanigans of adventuring cities with my Toddlers will soon come to an end…but until then – we will have a bit more fun.

Given September is all about ‘NEW’, we decidedto explore  a new playground that just opened in the backyard of the AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario. I’ve been to A LOT of spectacular outdoor play spaces over the years – and this one is definitely in the top 3. A beautifully crafted, woodchipped, multi-age playground equipped with a splash pad an a cutting edge view of the CN Tower. #citytoddlerwin


👠Playground Style:

You all know my first loves – black, grey, white, navy, stripes and a few pops of colour. This season, I am crushing over the colour brown. Some call it oatmeal, some call it camel, and some call it saddle. It rocks my playground world with all things grey, white, navy and dark denim. I tend to stick with the classic button up shirts (great for breastfeeding), paired with blazer style sweaters. I often add a solid necklace, a simple bracelet / cuff, a fun ring and a pair of studs or hoops. Throw on a some tall riding boots and you are set for a pumpkin spice latte (if that’s your thing).

Check out a few of my Fall favourite brought to you by one of my girl crushes who is always on point – Jenna Lyons, the J.Crew curator. There is one day left of their 30% off sale – use the code: YESPLEASE

🛒 Shop this look:

Open Wave Cuff $44

Allay Statement Necklace $119

Adeva Wrap Ring $34

🤓 To all my friends, clients, and colleagues who are working in education – your work is so important, your energy is contagious and you will be remembered by your students for the way you make them feel.

🤗 To those out there who might have taken time off from work to stay at home with your children – come ‘hobby’ with me. Let it be your outlet during the day that has nothing to with all the things that need to be done. It might just turn into something bigger. You might not choose to go back to work after all…




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