You guys! Life is rough sometimes. Thankfully these days pass and the little things in our day that make us smile move us forward. I had a great time updating my ‘3 minute’ face this week with my trusty toddler. Be sure to check out how the real pros do it: 

These are a few things that are making me smile this week:

✔️My adorable morning makeup assistant 

✔️Concealer Click Pen (disguise sleepless nights)

✔️Glow Shimmer Oil (Because it’s totally not necessary, but leaves your skin looking fantastic)

✔Formaldehyde Free Mascara (Clean beauty rocks)

✔️ Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer: (Our skin is always changing)

✔️Silver jewels 

✔️Watching these videos with my adorable Makeup assistant 

✔️Free Gift with purchase from Beautycounter! 

❤️Share the love! Are you loving your latest purchase from Beautycounter / Stella & Dot? Pass my contact on to your nearest and dearest! I always gift new clients a free product upon ordering and will send you one as well!

❤️Book a one on one clean beauty / style session with moi. You all know I rock the ‘busy mom / minimalist / simple / chic / Haute Mess / look very well 👌🏻

Cute black dress from




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