West Coast Make-Up Hacks

You might find this surprising but I am NOT a ‘makeup’ person. I rely heavily on tips and tricks from people who are ‘makeup people’ talented enough to apply product effortlessly. 

Check out this little tutorial of the NEW Ocean & Pacific Palette led by the Uber talented Christy Coleman from Beautycounter. 

🔥Limited Edition Ocean & Pacific Palette 🇺🇸$58 / $75 🇨🇦
My ‘Beauty Hack’ routine: I watch tutorials during nap time and surf my favourite online shopping haunts for style inspiration. I then add this spectacular new palette to my cart and start thinking of a few outfits that I would pair these shades with. I rarely wear eye liner, and when I do I love using eye shadow with that teeny little precision brush ($29)
Precision Brush $29 🇨🇦
These colours are bolder than I would normally wear, but I am in love with that turquoise shade COVE and I already miss the California coastline. 
Santa Cruz, California



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