Wee Urban!

Babies are so lovely when they sleep. Even more so when you find the most adorable printed and proudly Canadian sleep sack thanks to a total Boss Mom at Wee Urban.

I had the pleasure of meeting Holly when she first started selling what has become my favourite ‘grobag’ at the One Of A Kind show in Toronto back in 2012. I was pregnant with my first child and obviously was in the market to purchase all things baby. I purchased 2 of her bags and both have been passed down to my daughters. I love that my children haven’t been able to sneak out of these bags. The snaps aren’t located on the shoulders (like most grow bags) which makes the bag stronger than the average Toddler. You can easily do a diaper change through the bottom zipper. I love the simple prints and gender neutral colours. This particular print has been on repeat for a few years in our house.

I was out and about in Nanaimo yesterday when I came across a new pattern from Wee Urban – black and white phrases about dreams. LOVE! I haven’t been able to track down more of this brilliant print online, but I will do some digging around to see what else I can find out. These are great gifts for new moms! They don’t know how great these little bags are for the child that constantly kicks off their blankets!

A bit about Wee Urban – they are designed in Toronto and are crafted abroad. They are a huge supporter of one of my favourite charities – Kiva and look after all of their workers / partners by ensuring production is ISO regulated, fair trade certified and comply with regional safe working practices and safety standards. Boom. Businesses doing better. I love it. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @weeurban

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