Thoughtfully Engraved

After my third pregnancy, I realized we got this whole ‘baby gift’ thing completely wrong. Instead of spoiling those super cute and squishy little babes with the teensiest Micro Fashion trends on the market – don’t forget to treat the Baby Momma with a little special something. Those of us with multiple children know how life changing it was with that first baby to realize how quickly you stop looking after yourself because you are so busy looking after an adorable human. Your good friend who just had her second or third or forth (omg I can’t even) baby – she doesn’t want or need more Micro Fashion. She wants a babysitter, really good coffee beans, a bottle of wine, and a thoughtfully engraved piece of jewelry wearing the names of her beautiful children that she can wear with any outfit. She will wear it every day – especially this one from Stella & Dot

I am big on rose gold right now and am loving all the rose and bronze pieces from the new Fall collection from Stella & Dot. Check out the rose gold engravable bangle I finally ordered  to house the names of my three children – Felix, Chloe and Penelope. 

They added more variety and characters to the engraving option which is something I have been struggling to find even with other brands.  With Stella & Dot engravables, you are able to pick a few different fonts and even see a preview of how your design looks before you order. Just make sure you love how it looks before you place your order as engraved pieces are final sale. The bracelets come in rose, gold and silver.

I found a few other styles that are quite cute – a fun one from Thomas Sabo that includes free engraving. A different variation from Michael Kors that does not include engraving, but the piece is wide enough any jeweller could help you out.

💥 Shop Stella & Dot here:

✔️ Engravable Bangle $89 CDN (includes engraving)

My family is complete, and now so is my bracelet!

Thankfully it has solid clasp hinge opening!

She pairs well for an evening at the park with a few other rose gold bracelet pals. Stay tuned!




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