Sunday Truths

This is what I know to be true: 

1. Motherhood is rough and the perfectly accessorized outfit can lift you out of the blues. I will be sharing a whole lot of accessory love with you all very soon to ensure you are set up to have your best version of September. Some Stella & Dot – more local Canadian artisans. I have discovered a ton of local businesses who are working so hard to keep Canadians perfectly accessorized and they are waiting to be seen by real City Mommas like yourself. 

2. Canadian Fashion is so HAUTE right now! I am excited to showcase a slew of incredible and entirely Canadian fashion designers who are outfitting the Toddler / Mom crowd using simple and practical designs that will help you feel a little less disheveled when the day switches to chaos mode.

My current favourite dress is this number from Oxford – a local designer in Victoria, B.C perfectly situated at the bottom of my favourite street – Lower Johnson St. It screams simple – chic and is made of the most adorning Japanese Cotton. 


āœ”ļø Another fab find from my other favourite local designer from Vancouver, Canada – ‘Vonbon‘. The cutest baby, chambray and gold mary janes for the win! 

3. Clean Beauty is my new black and my love for all things Beautycounter is here to stay. Ingredient transparency will never go out of style in my books and will only continue to grow in popularity as other consumers demand BIG BUSINESSES to change their ways of formulating beauty and cosmetics with questionable / *potentially toxic/ ingredients like aspestos. Take note Justice

Whether you choose to try Beautycounter or another clean brand – be an educated consumer and be proud of the company you are purchasing from. Talk about the brand if you LOVE them. The Clean Beauty Conversation is a game changer in this industry.

4. If the whole clean beauty, real style, healthy living ‘thing’ resonates with you – come work with me. I have worked tirelessly this past year to cultivate a thriving community of incredibly talented and innovative women who are slowly turning their interests and hobbies into thriving online businesses. We are pretty incredible. 



But first –

Start thinking of how you can rock Feathers and Birds this fall šŸ™€. Thanks Vogue.




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