Victoria’s Finest: Caffeine, Micro Fashion and Gelato  

I am always looking for new places to explore with my little entourage and given we are spending most of the summer on Vancouver Island, we were long overdue for a trip to Victoria. 

Once upon a time I was able to call this gem of a city ‘home’. Of course that was long before the days of strolling my favourite haunts with my City Momma Wheels – (thanks Bugaboo Donkey). We rarely find a coffee shop we can’t sneak our way into which is often magical given the number of children I always have with me and the size of our stroller.

 Of course the adventures I choose are always fuelled by caffeine, micro – fashion and mom style. If you have a day to kill with Toddlers, I highly recommend my very leisure itinerary – and if our entourage hasn’t expired – we might just sneak in a few local tourist ‘hot spots’.

First stop:

A picnic at the Parliament buildings with a giant chocolate chip cookie from Willie’s Bakery.

Shopping on Johnson Street! Most people think the old ‘Eaton Center’ (now called The Bay Center) and Government St. is where you should be heading to score some unique local fashion. My personal favourite is Lower Johnson St., especially Oxford.  Stay tuned for my local swag.

If you are looking for a few summer reads – check out Munro’s Books. It’s the quintessential bookstore locals love to spend time in. They also have an incredible card section 👌🏻.

Mid – day Gelato and Coffee at Pour. These guys are known for their local healthy grains in the form of oatmeal and waffles. We came for espresso and gelato. Three is never a crowd with ice cream.

What are your favourite spots in Victoria??



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