Hot and Sweaty Skin?

With the hot summer days well on their way, I have had many clients inquire about a minimalistic summer skin regimes. Canadians love to spend the summer months outdoors – lakeside, ocean side, pool side and mountain side. At the end of the day our sun soaked skin is left greasy, sweaty, and sticky leaving us with teeny little annoying breakouts usually along our hair line and T – Zone.

Hello activated charcoal – you are kind of the next best thing in the beauty world. Find out why. 

We all know my true love for clean beauty lies with Beautycounter, a company new to Canada that is making it well known that safer, higher performing beauty is then new black. Full disclosure here – I am rocking the #betterbeautymovement in Canada as a Founding Member with Beautycounter.

These are my top picks for Hot and Sweaty Skin from Beautycounter:

✔️ AM / PM Cleanser: Charcoal Cleansing Bar ($30 CDN) 

👌🏻I am a fan of this particular bar of black goodness because it includes charcoal, witch hazel, and organic green tea extract as safer choices from other conventional brands. I cut mine into chunks when I am using it as a facial cleanser as it lasts much longer and makes my bathroom sink area look tidier

✔️ AM / PM Moisturizer: #3 Balancing Facial    Oil     ($79 CDN)

✔️ Weekly Skin Treatment: #3 Charcoal / Balancing Facial Mask ($55 CDN)

The Charcoal line is incredible for combination skin, oily skin, sweaty skin, and just tired skin! Local to Vancouver Island? Send me a message and I will get a chunk of coal set out your way! 




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