Bite Beauty: Bold, Bright and Clean (er)

Sometimes these HOT summer days call for a brighter shade of lip colour than my standard ‘Lipsheer’, especially when grocery shopping with Toddler boys. 

One of my other favourite brands is Canadian born – Bite Beauty. Their super chic CEO, Suzanne Langmuir, was just a Canadian girl with a dream to create better beauty products. Bite Beauty was bought by KENDO (remember from my previous post) and collaborated with Sephora.

🇨🇦 Suzanne is a firecracker I am determined to find out more about. Check her out here.

💪🏻Buyer beware: The lip colours are much more pigmented than the Beautycounter lipsheers. Bold, bright, matte (sometimes a bit drying) – but perfect for when you need A LOT more colour. EWG gives them a score of 3/10 (I try to aim for 1-2’s).


✔️Bite Beauty


💥If you are in the Toronto area, you can check out their ‘lip lab‘ where you can create your own shade!

🤓Of course this is already on the list for a City Momma field trip in September🙀




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