Friday Favourites

Friday ❤️
✔️French 75 Cocktail: Gin, Champagne and a splash of lemon. Why am I just discovering this now??

✔️Summer Skin: Scrub away traces of dry winter skin. Check out the Sugar Scrub / Body Butter Combo. For all you Sun Goddeses out there – be sure to check out the Shimmer Oil. Think JLow rather than Lindsay Lohan💥

✔️Ghetto Gold accessories. Just live a bit bolder this summer – these are a few of my faves from Stella & Dot.

– Gilded Path Wrap Bracelet 

– Jacqueline Lariat 

– Hammered Hoops 

– Covet Initial ‘a’
✔️Go get Sweaty!! Hot Yoga just got a whole lot Hauter in Nanaimo! 🔥🔥Local Nanaimo pals: Stay tuned for a fun collaboration with Moksha Yoga Nanaimo!🔥🔥

✔️Black Coffee and hand written notes – a few of my most savvy clients who have switched most of their products over this past year will be receiving a bit of Beautycounter ❤️from me in the mail. 

✔️ Let this be the summer of YES. Come work with me


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