The Real Truth.

​I had a local photographer take a few head shots for me this week in my hometown of Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. He is incredibly talented and we had the opportunity to talk all things style and beauty behind the lens. The session in itself is another upcoming blog post, but it did leave me with one word to digest.
The ‘Real Real’ when you have small children on the go and there is more dry shampoo in your hair than you would care to admit.
The ‘Real Real’ when you have a closet full of random clothes ranging in so many sizes as the lingering evidence of your previous pregnancies.
The ‘Real Real’ when you feel like the ‘mom days’ are slowly sucking the life out of you.
The ‘Real Real’ when you are feeling emotionally weak and all you want to do is feel strong.
Pop in and check out my first blog space that just keeps going – City Momma Style. It’s all real. Real style, real beauty, real truths, real strength. Feel free to share it with your nearest and dearest fellow City Mommas. If they have a Facebook account, just add them to this group.
If you feel like you want to feel a bit stronger, do push-ups until you can’t. Count them them, write down the number. Do it again in two days. Over time – you will surprise yourself by how your body builds strength and responds to stress.
I could do 15 push ups 3 weeks ago and can now do 45. This summer I want to do 100. You are stronger than you think 

This is real.




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