Brighten Up!

After 3 pregnancies, my body is tired. So is my face. Malasma (aka Pregnancy Mask) was in full force in my last two pregnancies. Like many other women, I turned to Hydroquinone, a skin bleaching compound that lurks inside so many department store products to brighten up my complexion. It is currently banned in 51 countries including the European Union. 
We buy products because we want results. We want immediate results and we don’t want to hear that what we put on our skin is actually absorbed into our skin. We want to live in our bubble and pretend that Big Business is looking out for our health. We all know Big Business only looks out for Big Business and would lose a lot of money if they actually had to be accountable for the ingredients they are putting in our products. 
Our skin absorbs what we put on it. 
Think about the nicotine patch. 
Think about the birth control patch.
This all hit home for me at a Dr’s. appointment a few years ago when the topic of breast feeding and retinol came into conversation. Feeling clueless and Doctor shamed, I walked out of that clinic feeling pretty darn shallow of just not caring what was in my cosmetics and skin care, playing down the chemicals that my skin was absorbing, and shrugging it off thinking “What really are the odds of having side effects from using these products.”

I was so wrong and I have learned lot over the past year. I know better and I am doing better.

My skin still has darker pigmentation, but I choose to embrace it while using a safer and higher performing option. The pigmentation has definitely faded over time and I feel much more confident knowing I am making educated choices when it comes to making skincare selections. 

If you are like me and spend far too much time exploring your community in the sunshine and have a few too many sun spots to prove it – try a few of my favourites from Beautycounter:

✔️ Cleanser: Charcoal Bar (am) / Cleansing Balm (PM)

✔️ Toner / Mist: #1 Facial Mist (Skin Brightening)

✔️Hydration: #1 Face Oil

🔥#1 Brightening Face Mask (1-2 time per week)

🔥Concealer Click Pen (Hide darker areas)

🔥Beautycounter Sun Screen (protect)

Get outside and enjoy that sunshine and feel confident that you can find high performing skin care that can treat skin pigmentation without compromising your safety.


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