Baby Gifts You Will Love!

Friday Truth: Girls Rock🎸
…Especially my sweet little mischievous munchkins who keep me on my toes all and up all night. 

Many of my very closets gal pals are expecting clever little babes this summer, so I thought I would share a few of my favourite gifts I like to give. 

A few 🇨🇦 choices and a few I am always looking for on Amazon in the extreme SALE section (Mini Melissa). Don’t forget new moms are always forever tired. The Flamingo Blush gives just a bit of rich pink colour to freshen up any Momma.

✔️ New moms and old moms: You don’t always need to carry a ‘diaper bag’. Hand bags of all sorts and sizes can house your essentials. I love the polka dot Bookhou pouch for a diaper clutch that transports into all my bags. 

You can check out the sites here:

🇨🇦 (Toronto) Bookhou

💥 Hava the Bunny: 

🇨🇦 (Vancouver) Mini Mocs: 

💥 Mini Melissa

🇨🇦 (Vancouver) Red Fish – Infant 2 piece

💥 Janie and Jack – Toddler Palm Dress



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