Summer Style in Box!

Dear Rachel Zoe,

Thank you for FINALLY sharing your box subscriptions with my fellow Canadians who are desperately anticipating the arrival of Beautycounter’s most coveted sunscreen in Canada. Your choices couldn’t be more perfect. Hats with Pom Poms, a floral kimono, Tortoise shades and two of my summer essentials from Beautycounter – Colour Pinch Creme Blush and the SPF Sunscreen Stick.

I know how the online e-commerce subscription market has been rocking the stilettos off many of my pals south of the border. It’s not a hoax. These companies want to help you coordinate. Let them. 

Canadian pals – this is know joke. This box is worth $400 and can be yours for $99. You can sign up for a one time seasonal box, or a yearly subscription. Y’all know what I signed up for.

USE THE PROMO CODE: BOSU10 for 10$ off your box.

You don’t always need to ‘try before you buy’. Live on the edge. Rachel Zoe has killer style for just that reason. So do her micro styled Toddlers.


“The best thing about this is that it’s free of all the bad things that we don’t want on our skin.”

– Rachel Zoe on Beautycounter SPF Sunscreen Stick

To subscribe to this style box:

For those who online shop – You MUST check out this site and join Honey. It is similar to Ebates, but automatically searches for promotion codes for each site you are on when you are in the checkout screen!!!

I saved $20 off my yearly subscription using the code BOS20 that Honey found for me.

Love me.



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