Trending Tuesday

What’s trending in my house this week? Check it out –

  1. Alo Leggings that actually fit. Life is too short to were old yoga pants that don’t embrace your mom body. If you try on an old pair of leggings and they feel like they sit too low on your waist – they probably do. Give them away and check out ALO!

2. Piggy Paint – When your Two Year Old demands to have her nails painted. Piggy Paint comes in super cute colours, is odourless and non toxic #switchtosafer

3. I love to explore San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area with my Entourage. Sometimes we pick our morning adventures over Cheerios and Raisen toast by flipping through this book.

4. When you are invited to a Gala – you must find a new frock! This time I’m turning to Rent The Runway to find one! I am thinking ruffles, off the shoulder and a pop of colour. These are a few of my favourites!

5. Refresh your meals with this book – it’s a staple in most Toronto homes. I often bbq chicken breasts and keep them on hand for adding a bit of protein to some of the bowls. My favourite is the Buddha Bowl.

6. Be bold. Wear more ballet flag, lace up shoes like these. A pop of colour in your shoes or hand bag will jazz up your favourite denim / white shirt style.

7. I am obsessed with Silicon Valley Start – Ups. I love wandering the Google Campus and love reading about what makes Google culture so unique. Read about it in their new book.

8. It’s almost summer!! Switch up a few of your cosmetics / beauty products and give Beautycounter a go! Send me a message if you aren’t sure what you should try!

What’s trending in your house?




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