Green Is The New Black!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Living the ‘California Dream’ isn’t just about palm trees and sunshine. Silicon Valley Californians LOVE to talk about how they are lessening their carbon footprint. 
We eat local, buy local, shop local, drive Tesla’s (I’m holding out on the Tesla X 8 seater!!), and love to keep our green vegetables on rotation – avocado, kale of all varieties, and chard. We Vitamix the vegetables you probably wouldn’t think to vitamix – like romain lettuce and know all the juicing trucks that use the ‘door dash’ delivery service via bicycles. We do all this to make us feel bit more socially responsible and hope that our Carbon Footprint struts a little bit lighter. 
And now the elephant in the room – 
Beautycounter line is not ‘cheap’ and here is why:
💚 Our cosmetic packages are paper based and the entire compact can be recyclable (just pop out the mirror).

💚 The paper cartons are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which is a fancy way of enforcing the materials are sourced in a socially responsible way.

💚 Glass, paper and safer plastic materials are used when possible. No PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or BPA (Bisphenol A) are used in any of the materials.

💚Beautycounter donates to Foundation by planting trees to offset CO2 emissions created from corporate events.

I feel better already…

Happy Earth Day!




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